An International Service Cultural Exchange- RI Dist. 3190 & Dist. 3300 (India & Malaysia)

As a part of the International Service Cultural Exchange, an Inter-Country Cultural Quiz was organized virtually on July 12th, 2022. Over 125 participants from Malaysia and Bangalore (India) joined and enjoyed this interesting program. Rtn. Jitendra Aneja, District Governor, RI Dist. 3190; Rtn. Dr. Krishna Kumar, District Governor, RI Dist. 3300; IPDG Rtn. Fazal Mahmood, Dist. 3190; IPDG Rtn. Dato Bindi, Dist. 3300; Rtn. Rashmi Tanksali and Rtn. Shankar Shastry, District Directors International Service with Rtn. Manoj Kabre, Cultural Exchange Committee Chair of Dist. 3190 were present during the program.

With the initiation of Rtn. Anubha Jain, Director of International Service, Rotary Bangalore Southwest (RBSW) became one of the partner clubs of the program with 16 other joint clubs. From RBSW President Rtn. Sandeep Raja, Secretary Rtn. Subodh Khandekar, International Service Director Rtn. Anubha Jain, Rtn. Shashikant Pobbati enthusiastically participated in this interesting quiz program.

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