An insightful talk show on “Awareness on legal rights of women”

Under the umbrella of Rotary Bangalore Southwest (RBSW) and as the Chair, Women Empowerment & Director Public Image, RBSW I conducted an insightful session on “Awareness on legal rights of women”, especially for women to make them aware of their legal rights. Link to check the entire program
I was in conversation with the speaker on this crucial issue. President RBSW Rtn. Paresh Master; Upcoming President for RY 2021-22 Rtn. Amarchand Rander; Director of Women In Rotary, District 3190, Rtn. Rashmi Tanksali; Innerwheel Dist. ISO Ann Srimathi Master; women Rotarians and members from WIRI-Women in Rotary India; students of St. Meera College for girls from Pune; Mrs. Sheetal Jadhav, Assistant Professor, Hindi department, Main and Dr. Dimple Buche, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounts of St. Meera College for girls from Pune attended the session so enthusiastically.
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