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Invited as speaker for the two-day national Conference of Mumbai’s SNDT Women’s University

I was invited by SNDT Women’s University Mumbai; SNDT’s newly established Indian Knowledge, Sanskrit and Yoga Center; Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute, Lucknow, and Hindustani Prachar Sabha Mumbai for a Two-day National conference as one of…

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Exclusive Photo Feature- “Aashayein”-The transformative journey of jail inmates

The transformative journey of Jail Inmates – “Aashayein” brings a new ray of hope to the inert life of prisoners Nel Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Rajasthan’s national newspaper First India Published photo feature story in…

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Exclusive photo feature- ‘Kashmir’ – A land of paradise on Earth

Photo feature in New Delhi’s National Newspaper Amrit India; Maharashtra’s national newspapers Lokmat Times and Lokmat Samachar; First India national Newspaper dated 3 June 2022; Karnataka’s Metro Times