Child Trafficking/Child Labour

May 1st, 2021, on the occasion of Mayday or labour day got the chance to interact virtually with Mr. J.P.Manna Biswas, Child Protection Officer, UNICEF on the issue of Child Labour/Child Trafficking. In reference to the special story, I did on child trafficking, when I asked Mr. Biswas to give an insight into the reintegration program of trafficked children. B’coz when I was doing this exclusive story I came to know that without any follow-ups reintegration program of these trafficked children gets over once these children reach their homes. This leads to the inadequate delivery of post-rescue care for children. Mr. Biswas accepted the fact that the program needs to be addressed properly. Once the children reach their home there is no proper monitoring system follows and again these children get trapped in this vicious cycle of trafficking owing to various monetary and other reasons.


Mr. J.P.Manna Biswas, Child Protection Officer, UNICEF

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