Exclusive Photo Feature- “Aashayein”-The transformative journey of jail inmates

The transformative journey of Jail Inmates – “Aashayein” brings a new ray of hope to the inert life of prisoners

Nel Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Rajasthan’s national newspaper First India https://www.firstindia.co.in/epapers/mumbai/17102022?page=10

Published photo feature story in New Delhi’s National Newspaper Amrit India on 16 Oct. 2022

In Maharashtra’s national newspaper – Lokmat Times: https://www.lokmattimes.com/national/the-transformative-journey-of-jail-inmates-aashayein-brings-a-new-ray-of-hope-to-the-inert-life-of-a475/

Lokmat Samchar : https://www.lokmatnews.in/india/ashayein-in-jaipur-central-jail-bringing-new-ray-of-hope-in-the-lives-of-prisoners-b408/?fbclid=IwAR0a2uj_W2VdMeXEMv9AG9QtS5VjnxHSDnXhR5oL9E_VJYPzjhjwDD3HgJ4

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