Why Amul when Nandini is there? – Exclusive coverage

Amul, which used to sell many products including ice cream in Bengaluru, will now deliver fresh milk and yogurt to homes through the e-commerce platform. Amul shared this information on its Twitter and Facebook handles. But after this, outrage is intensifying on social media handles against Amul. Amul’s move to enter the sales business was a source of outrage among Kannadigas and they have started a campaign against this with the hashtag ‘Boycott Amul, Save Nandini’. There has been a lot of outrage across the state for the radical move of Amul to attack the Nandini brand which is the ‘Kannadigas’ identity, on its own ground. The political leaders, organizations, and the public have expressed opposition and condemned it.

My detailed report published in various national news portal and New Delhi’s Amrit India National Newspaper.





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