Children’s giant leap by virtue of online legacy

Piece published in National Newspaper First India and on Rotary International website


With Covid-19 children’s giant leap by virtue of online legacy

Today Pandemic has created mayhem in everyone’s life. This worldwide pandemic has led to unprecedented circumstances. In this vein, children have been largely affected. Scientists are predicting that the second covid wave is much harsher for children this time. With this, the li’l ones our children are forced to spend their summer vacations staying isolated at their homes only. Their learning has moved online. Education has changed significantly, with the rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken on digital platforms. But the virtual platform has given wide exposure to this young generation. Various education technology-enabled software, viz., BYJU’S, Whitehat Jr., and many more are offering great learning methodologies for children of different age brackets. Through online summer camps, vocational classes, and other interactive fun-filled virtual activities, children are now getting themselves engaged more productively and interestingly. Zoom app or Google Duo-enabled online theater, singing classes with many interactive workshops have strengthened a sense of closeness and fondness among children and also made learning so easy for them. These endeavors also help them increase their attention, eye-hand coordination and tech-based issue solving capabilities. But all this has led to rising in kids’ screen time too.

Anyways, seeing with a creative eye, these kids are connecting their superheroes as goodie folks and marked coronavirus as the bad people who need to be defeated. This is somewhat funny but it’s their way to face this worst situation. In the end, I would say, the virtual platform has taken our children a leap ahead and opened all the edges for them. From all over the world children are interacting virtually. This technology has created wonders in this uncertain time.

-Anubha Jain


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