Live virtual Interaction- Rotary International’s first woman President for 2022-23 Jennifer E. Jones

As the Secretary 2021-22 of Rotary Bangalore Southwest got the privilege to interact with Rotary International’s first woman President for 2022-23 Jennifer E. Jones at the virtual valedictory session of three days Rotary 3190 District Training Assembly on May 23rd, 2021. Jennifer Jones from the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, talked about various subjects from Covid-19 to gender issues. The most interesting thing she mentioned that joining Rotary is like every Rotarian gets a ‘global passport to do good’. Asking about equality of gender in organizations like Rotary, Jones talked about gender roles, diversity, and inclusion. “Women have the global population. Clubs should set goals to rope in more women Rotarians in the organization for gender equality and balance. Women in significant strength will see themselves in that reflection and feel comfortable in the organization,” she mused. Giving importance to membership Jones stated, “We should empower our members as changemakers. Retractors are a part of Rotary. We can walk this journey forward as Rotractors and Rotary together. Rotractors are aligned with Rotary. In this tough time, we are so dependent on this virtual world. Rotarians and Rotractors are cross-mentors. These young Rotractors as digital natives teach/guide the Rotarians especially the senior Rotary members. I believe these Rotractors should also be included in Rotary leadership and other vital teams so that with their insight we can set targets and move forward with a united perspective.”

This interaction became more important as this selection of Jones as RI President has made her the first woman President to hold that office in Rotary’s 115-year history. An insightful two-hour-long session with a great learning experience!

Glad to see this wonderful coverage –  Thanks to the editors of First India; New Delhi’s Amrit India national Newspapers and Bengaluru Karnataka’s Metro Times for this great coverage!

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